This website is an "Angies List" for Sun City Peachtree residents. By pooling our consumer knowledge we can minimize the risk of costly mistakes by us as future customers.  While normal research is still required, the website can suggest avenues to be explored (or avoided).

Only Sun City Peachtree residents can be registered on the site. (Each registration applicant is checked against the SCP HOA directory.) Only registered users are able to contribute reviews, or post messages, to the Forum. Non-registered guests are able to view the posts/reviews.

Of course, we can only submit our own experiences with a vendor or service, and, as such, these experiences are somewhat subjective, and not necessarilty representative. This fact should be borne in mind as you browse the site.

Your contributions to the site (see Forum Help for help on posting--it is really very easy!), in terms of posts describing your experiences with a vendor or service, are extremely important. You should post whether your experience was good, bad, or indifferent.

The information you should include in your posts, depends somewhat on the type of service you are describing, but the more information, the better. Just think of what would be helpful to someone seeking a recommendation. Information could include such things as:

  • Name of vendor/service provider
  • Telephone/website
  • Address/area
  • Description of service provided to you.
  • (Approximate) date(s) of service.
  • Extent of your experience with this vendor/service
  • You satisfaction in terms of
    • Quality of service
    • Price of service
    • Professionalism/courtesy of provider.
    • Reliability, puctuality

Initially, the website will be rather sparse in content, but as people post reviews, the website will become an increasingly valuable resource. The reward for your effort in posting your experiences is in the fact that you are helping others, and in the gratitude of those that you will have helped. You probably have much experience to share--possibly an overwhelming amount. I suggest that you pace yourself--perhaps one or two posts at a time--but please keep at it! It should go without saying, that the reviews should be thoughtful, scrupulously fair and honest.

Please tell your neighbors about this site!